Activity Assessment Summary

Program/Department Activity Name What did you learn from your outcomes assessment? Briefly describe the changes you will make based on your assessment. College-wide implications of your assessment project Assessment Reported
Admissions and Records Provide support services to VA students regarding benefit and enrollment process

During the 2015-2016 academic year, eligible veterans and dependents were assisted with receiving educational benefits: 107 for summer 2015, 230 for fall 2015, and 226 for spring 2016.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the numbers of eligible veterans and dependents receiving benefits were: 95 for summer 2016, 231 for fall 2016, and 203 for spring 2017.

Veterans Services staff have also taken on greater involvement with our Veterans Resource Center. This involves hiring, training, and monitoring of student and temporary classified employees. The staff are involved with assisting students in the VRC. Morale-building activities are also conducted.

12/07/2017 view
Admissions and Records Review documents after scanning/indexing into OnBase system.

6-1-15 to 5-31-16: 284 documents were identified by staff as needing to be rescanned.

6-1-16 to 5-31-17: 142 documents were identified by staff as needing to be rescanned.

The numbers indicate that there continues to be value to checking to see if documents scanned into our document imaging system made it to the students' records. The increase in numbers from 2014-2015 can be attributed to new workers and the advent of scanning of old VA files.

This activity will continue as an ongoing business process.

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Admissions and Records Process petitions

Students continue to demonstrate the ability to navigate administrative processes. Students submitted 1,119 petitions from June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016. Students submitted 1,068 petitions from June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017. The students were seeking exceptions to policies, deadlines, or other business processes.

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Admissions and Records Evaluate graduation eligibility

During the 2015-2016 academic year, 1,280 degree and certificate petitions were submitted by students. 880 were approved, with 400 being denied. This approval rating of 68.8% is disappointing when compared to the 2014-2015 year's approval rating of 81.1%.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, 1,379 petitions for degrees and certificates were submitted by students. 850 were approved, and 529 were denied. The approval rating sank to 61.6% compared to the previous year.


We will need to have discussions with evaluators, counselors, and student services managers to determine what our next steps should be. A potential area of interest might the overall ease of the petition. It may actually be enabling the casual submission of a petition to determine progress, rather than the student engaging in a meaningful interaction with a counselor. Another area for exploration would be to determine if the college had experienced an increase in the numbers of drops and withdrawals.

Conversations and remedies could result in more students visiting the Counseling Department. Student satisfaction might possibly be negatively impacted if the online degree/certificate petition is made lengthier or more challenging by requiring the actual listing of the coursework being used to satisfy requirements.

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Admissions and Records Conduct Graduation Petition Workshops

No graduation petition workshops have been conducted since June 2015. This decision was based on the deployment of a much simplified online degree/certificate petition submission capability.

We will use information regarding the outcome of students' degree and certificate petitions. We'll look at success rates. We'll also work with evaluators, counselors, and student services managers to determine if workshops should be resumed.

Resumption would likely result in increased traffic to the Counseling department. Students would be referred to Counseling by Admissions staff if it was determined during the workshops that the students were not yet ready to petition for graduation. Instead of using the degree petition as an attempt to see if they're ready to graduate, the students would get needed academic guidance/counseling.

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Admissions and Records Evaluate capability to enhance delivery of services

Other than updating our website with relevant office hours, forms, and content, no additional enhancement of online services has occurred since our deployment of a simplified online graduation/certificate petition. The office continues to respond to emails submitted through online contact forms.

We will continue to assess the need for further improvements. Areas for consideration will be expanding content for international student advising as well as creating fillable pdf versions of Admissions forms.

Actual college-wide implications are unknown. Benefits would primarily be student focused.

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Photography Student Exhibits

We do provide opportunities for our students to exhibit their work in our classrooms, hallways and studios. We also work with area galleries to give our students opportunities to show their work. This is a major part of photography, so it is important for students to have this as a goal and learn all that is involved in this process.  We would also like to increase opportunities for students to show in the Art Gallery on campus.

We will always look for further opportunities for our students to show their work.

11/17/2016 view
Photography Speakers

Providing professional speakers for our students and the community is a major part of our program. Through the Canon Explorers of Light program, we have regular speakers who can provide background, information, instruction, inspiration and career advice for our students. We have also instituted a smaller, more impromptu program called Lagniappe, which uses Skype to connect our students with both national and international photographers in an interactive format.  Finally, we co-sponsor community events with local galleries and photograhy outlets to give our students the exposure to even more professionals in the field.

11/17/2016 view
Photography On-location shooting opportunities

Our On-Location Shooting opportunities continue to grow. New technology in the field, like lighting from Pro Photo, has allowed us to utilize equipment to shoot on-location more easily. We practice on campus and we go off-campus, using the equipment that is available to us from vendors with whom we have relationships. This hands-on experience provides our students with the opportunity to try new equipment and to shoot photos in situations they might not otherwise be able to.

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Photography Internships

We need additional work on this activity. We used to have a more robust Internship program, but as photojournalism opportunities have been reduced in recent years, our program has suffered a bit. As of now, we do offer credit for Internships, but the students organize them for themselves. This is good in that it rewards motivated students, but we do hope to engage in this more actively to find places our students could engage in photographic Internships.

We will continue to seek and advertise Internship opportunities for our students.

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Photography Field Trips

Field Trips are a major part of our out-of-class program for our students. We have a field trip every semester in every class, just to give students the chance to see galleries and museums and to learn to see and shoot with a group. We also go to San Francisco each semester for the same reason. Some of our students have never been able to go to San Francisco to see photo museums and shows, so it is an excellent opportunity that adds to their photographic education. We also have a three-day fieldtrip class each semester to Yosemite National Park, another great opportunity for our students to have access to an outdoor experience they might not have without our program.

We will continue to provide these opportunities for our students.

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Photography Department Website

At various times our Department Website has been a more vital part of our program than it is at this moment. We need to continue working on it in order keep it up-to-date. This includes the technology of it, how it is maintained, and its effectiveness for students and the college.

We will continue working on the Department Website and assessing its effectiveness.

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Photography Community Projects

We work hard on creating and participating in Community Projects every year. In Spring, 2016, we held a Portfolio Day, which included a speaker from Canon's Explorer of Light program, who gave both a lecture and demonstration. There were also presentations by all three full-time faculty in the department. In the afternoon, we held a vendor fair and made a point of involving the community so that high school students also participated.  These kinds of events are vital to our students so that they can learn about the latest developments in the field, as well as attend workshops and presentations. Finally, this gives them the opportunity to share their work with professionals to get much-needed feedback.

We will continue to provide these opportunities for our students.

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DIOP Scholars Program Community Service

We do a good job incuding a community service requirement in our courses and program. This opportunity to engage in their communities provides our students with hands-on opportunities to learn and to teach others.

11/14/2016 view
DIOP Scholars Program Academic and Cultural Enrichment

Our focus on Academic and Cultural Enrichment is at the core of the DIOP Scholars Program. Through the varied experiences we provide for our students, in this case the emphasis on African and African-America heritage, we do an excellent job enriching students' experiences and opportunities for learning.

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MESA Student Professional Development

We do provide students with professional development opportunities, but could definitely add to these as we move forward.

Our goal is to always be providing additional professional development opportunities for students in classes, in the MESA Center, at workshops and conferences, in internship opportunities, and in engaging with professionals in the workplace.

11/10/2016 view
MESA Program Administration

With only one person administering this program, we cannot do as much as we would like to do in providing opportunities for students. We will continue to examine ways to increase and improve what we are able to do for students.

Given that staffing will probably not change any time soon, we will look at ways to add to what we do in order to increase opportunities for students in classes and as they plan for their futures.

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MESA Off-Campus Events

We attend workshops and conferences off-campus, but we can always increase our participation to include visits to business and industry and to find other ways to provide students with further off-campus experiences.

We need to build in more time to develop and participate in additional off-campus opportunities.

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MESA Classroom Visits

Our classroom visits give students an opportunity to learn about MESA and how to get involved.  This is an excellent way to engage students.

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MESA Academic and Career Guidance

MESA provides a supportive, inspiring community and setting for students to prepare for their futures in academia and their careers.

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Information Technology Operation and Support Services

Again, we work very hard on operation and support services, but we face limitations in terms of staffing, equipment, and consistent district support.  

This is at the top of our list in terms of always improving how we support the campus and its technology needs.

11/09/2016 view
Information Technology Network Infrastructure

Although we deal regularly with network issues, they are not entirely in our purview so we work together with the district as we can. This is an area in which we can always improve and we are working together as a staff to do so.

We need to work regularly to ensure that the network can handle all it is required to handle and to manage campus technology issues at the same time.

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Information Technology Instructional Lab/Classroom Support

We work hard to keep up with needs in Instructional Classrooms/Labs on campus, but are limited by limited staff and adequate support to complete all that is necessary.

We will continue to seek new methods and materials to better meet the needs of the campus commmunity.

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Information Technology Campus Computing

Given the complexity of campus computing, we are doing a satisfactory job meeting campus needs, but are always striving to do better.

As equipment, processees and systems change, we will continually update our methods with the goal of providing better service.

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DSPS LD assessment

LD assessment at CRC is adequate. A full schedule of students are screened and assessed each year. However, more students could benefit from LD assessment. Having multiple LD specialists would allow for more students to receive the services, and would allow for more outreach to instructional and other student services departments.

Adding staff, whether adjunct or full time, would allow for more students to receive LD assessment. It would also extend the services year round instead of only during fall and spring semesters.

Also, a learning strategies course is moving through the curriculum process during fall 2016 semester.

Need for additional staff, and at least one classroom space.

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