Activity Assessment Summary

Program/Department Activity Name What did you learn from your outcomes assessment? Briefly describe the changes you will make based on your assessment. College-wide implications of your assessment project Assessment Reported
Counseling Career Counseling

We need to improve in the area of career counseling because this is not as much part of the mission as it needs to be. We could definitely increase our efforts in this area with additional staffing and focus.

We are limited by time and resources, but this is an important area to focus on in the future.

10/12/2016 view
Counseling Academic Counseling

We do an excellent job providing academic counseling services, which is our primary focus because of legislative requirements.

10/12/2016 view
Distance Education and Web Development Training and support for the learning management system

CRC's employees, especially faculty, show excellent support for our learning management system. They are excited about the pending change to Canvas, the new learning management system, and how it can help our students succeed.

We will conduct an assessment again on the learning management system once the college has completed its transition to the Canvas learning management system.

10/11/2016 view
Distance Education and Web Development Help employees use technology to innovate

Employees, particulary faculty, are interested in learning how to use Canvas, the new learning management system, and how it can help our students succeed. Other innovation training has become less of a priority pending that change.

We will conduct a needs assessment for innovation once the college has completed its transition to the Canvas learning management system.

10/11/2016 view
Career Center Conduct workshops and presentations in various classes.

I have learned that speaking in various classrooms is the most effective way of reaching the student body. I do have 9 career workshops per semester, however, the numbers are minimal compared to classroom presentations.

Currently I do approximately 2 classroom presentations per week reagrding STEM, career services, and personality assessment testing in INDIS and HCD courses. Through visiting classroom Career Services has seen increased foot traffic based on SARS numbers.

10/10/2016 view
Career Center Collaborate with outside agencies

Currently I reach out and visit over 100 empooyers in person in the Spring semester. In addition, we have approximately 5 employers come out to visit with me weekly regarding thier businesses and business needs.

10/10/2016 view
Career Center Career SPA will demonstrate how to use LINCS

Lincs in its current state is operating below industry standards and needs to be improved in order to provide analytics for student/employer use.

Changes would need to occur at the district level

10/10/2016 view
Public Information Office Writing articles

The public information office continues to write articles for a number of publications, especially student success stories. This is a great way to tell our story to our internal and especially our external audience.

10/10/2016 view
Public Information Office Social Media/Website Communication

Social media has improved greatly with the hiring of a new PR Tech. We are on new platforms and experimenting with the ones we've been on for years. We are increasing the number of followers and finding new ways to reach our students.

We will continue to search for new ways to reach students via social media.

10/10/2016 view
Public Information Office Publications

Publications continue to improve in quality for each year that we do them. We will continue to search for like publications from other colleges to improve ours when needed.

Will look to other colleges to improve our current pubs when needed.

10/10/2016 view
Public Information Office Presentations

The Public Info Office continues to put presentations together for college leadership when needed as well as presentations for marketing to the managment team.

10/10/2016 view
Public Information Office Networking with Colleagues

The Public Info Office continues to provide a range of services to the college community, with improvements each year depending on the needs of the campus. We will continue to look for ways to enhance our services.

10/10/2016 view
Public Information Office Graphic Design Support

Graphic design services continues to increase the level of quality with each year. The department continues to provide the services needed on campus in a timely manner.

10/10/2016 view
Financial Aid Use of Technology

Technology has allowed financial aid to automate processes in order award students quicker and more accurately, it has also allowed us the opportunity to communicate with students faster and more often. In addition, improving service time as students wait for financial aid assistance. However, ideally it would be benefical to have a computer lab designated for financial aid purposes.

Ideally a computer lab, although expensive, would allow us the opportunity to work closely as they apply for aid and assist a larger group at one time.

Space and equipment needed for FA computer lab.

09/08/2016 view
Financial Aid Presentations regarding eligibility

These are no longer part of CRC's financial aid process.

09/08/2016 view
Financial Aid Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling

Due to changes in federal policy, entrance and exit counseling is now a minimal part of the college's financial aid process--it is now all electronically monitored by the Department of Education.

09/08/2016 view
Financial Aid Financial Aid Information Sessions

Financial Aid Information sessions are no longer required and therefore no longer part of our program.

09/08/2016 view
Financial Aid Communication methods

Financial Aid does everything possible to notify students of their financial aid application processing, from applying for aid to being disbursed. We have found that students may not always read the information that is sent to them regarding financial aid.

Send more frequent messages to students regarding their financial aid.

09/08/2016 view
Financial Aid Awarding Processing

Financial Aid is doing a great job at reviewing financial aid applications, processing and awarding aid to students in need.

09/08/2016 view
Financial Aid Application Workshops

Overall, the Financial Aid workshops have been successful, we have had the workshops staffed well, including staff that speak multiple languages. Areas of improvement are promoting the workshops earlier and to a larger audience, this may also include establishing a larger facility to accomodate the students.

09/08/2016 view
EOPS/CARE/Enriched Scholars Workshops

Providing a variety of workshop topics on a regular basis has helped to increase student success and retention. 

09/08/2016 view
EOPS/CARE/Enriched Scholars Staff Contacts

Positive engagement with staff on a consistent basis has helped to improve student partifcipation in meeting program requirements. 

09/08/2016 view
EOPS/CARE/Enriched Scholars Program Technology Training

A new and improved reporting system is needed for the collection of EOPS/CARE data,

Need to develop a new data reporting system for required program information.  This will include planning with other LRCCD Colleges and District IT support. 

Working wit the District to utilize services of outside contractor.

09/08/2016 view
EOPS/CARE/Enriched Scholars EOPS Orientation

Although it is necessary to communicate a great deal of information during orientation, this can be overwhelming to new students and they sometimes forget what they have been told. 

Review and revise content of the orientaiton materials and condense and consolidate where possible. 


09/08/2016 view
EOPS/CARE/Enriched Scholars Counseling Sessions

Information and interactions with Counselor had a positive impact on student achievement and couse completition. 

09/08/2016 view