Activity Assessment Summary

Program/Department Activity Name What did you learn from your outcomes assessment? Briefly describe the changes you will make based on your assessment. College-wide implications of your assessment project Assessment Reported
Outreach High School Activities/Visits

More time was needed for students to complete all of the orientation modules during the workshops.  Also, in order for students to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with a counselor on their high school campus, assessment must be completed.  We need to adjust the scheduling of the counselors to give students more time to complete their assessment tests and continue to offer avenues for students to complete this step in a timely manner. 

When scheduling the orientation workshops with the high school staff we will build in more time for the workshop, from one hour to an hour and a half.  If we continue the practice of having counselors go out to the high schools for course planning, schedule those dates two weeks from the time of orientation workshops so student have time to complete their assessment tests. 

Coordination within Student Services departments- Outreach, Counseling, Assessment, and the Elk Grove Center

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Tutoring Info page on tutoring services in New Student Guidebook

The outcomes assessment has not taken place yet because the New Student Guidebook has not been updated yet.

The New Student Guidebook will be updated in fall 2015 to include an info page on tutoring services.

10/01/2015 view
Tutoring Annual Tutoring Survey

Feedback from the survey indicated that most students were very satisfied with the quality of services provided by the Tutoring Center.  Many were using the Tutoring Center as a place to study and do homework, in addition to those coming specifically for tutoring. Some students indicated a desire for more available tutors to decrease their wait time. A few mentioned that it can be noisy, at times, in the Center. 

Now that we have a fulltime Front Desk Clerk, it is much easier to address the noise issues very quickly.

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Tutoring Distributing preparedness information to students

Tutoring Center staff determined it is more effective to distribute preparedness strategies to individual students when they sign-up for tutoring services instead of emailing them enmass.

Tutoring Center staff provides a hard copy of Preparedness Strategies flier to students on an individual basis during the sign up process.  Additionally, tutors are encouraged to discuss specific strategies on a case by case basis, as needed. 

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Tutoring Additional computers in the Tutoring Center

We added 14 additional computer stations and replaced the original 10 computers.  Students are responding very well to the availability of computer work stations.

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Tutoring Fulltime front desk staffing

Having a fulltime Front Desk Clerk since February 2015 has enables us to provide more consistent services.  Instead of relying on numerous student employees to cover the front desk, we have one clerk during regular college hours.  Student employees only provide front desk coverage during evening and Saturday hours, and during the clerk's lunch break.

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Admissions and Records Evaluate capability to enhance delivery of services

In September 2015, online submission capability of degree and certificate petitions went into effect. This exciting, new process is very streamlined and simple for students and reflects the reality of evaluators using the degree audit system "What If" report to save time in determining which areas have been fulfilled or not. Students previously needed to list each class and grade for all areas needing to be met on a mulitpage document.



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Admissions and Records Process petitions

Between 6-1-14 and 5-31-15, students submitted 1,213 petitions requesting special action/consideration. This continues to be an important activity that occurs in this office.


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Admissions and Records Review documents after scanning/indexing into OnBase system.

Between 6-1-14 and 5-31-15, 80 documents were identified by staff as needing to be rescanned into our OnBase document imaging system.

We will continue to use this "quality control" activity to ensure that documents scanned make it to students' records.


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Admissions and Records Conduct Graduation Petition Workshops

Four Graduation Petition Workshops were conducted in June 2015 (15th, 16th, 24th, and 25th). Two were in the afternoon and two were in the early evening. 8 students participated, finding the workshops to be beneficial.

Students found these workshops to be beneficial under a previous method of completing graduation and certificate petitions. This was because the students had to list the actual courses they were using to complete their degree and/or certificate requirements. This method has been phased out beginning with the fall 2015 semester. A new online submission method has been deployed. Students submit minimal information and staff use Degree Audit reports to show what areas have been met and which requirements are lacking (if applicable).


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DSPS Provide specific program services (notetaking, proctoring, contracted services,etc)

In an effort to survey student who were receiving contracted services (real-time captioning and ASL interpreting), we found it difficult to get responses after using email communications. We will make an effort to obtain the information in a counseling session. Additional the number of students using these services have been very small. One observation however is that individual with deaf/HOH as a disability tend to expect services to be immediate and in-house. They have a hard time understanding the guidelines for managing the accommodation services. CRC has an outside agency that needs 24-48 hour notice to cancel and often a week to establish the service. 

The same survey can be provided to the DSPS counselor that works with deaf/HOH students and completed at immediately following a counseling session.

When the number of students that demand contracted services increases, costs raise to a point that in-house staff are significantly less expensive to carry out the accommodations than an outside agency.

09/23/2015 view
Admissions and Records Provide support services to VA students regarding benefit and enrollment process

The addtion of 0.5 FTE to Veterans Services has had a positive impact. The position that was filled in April 2015  was an Admissions/Records Evaluator/Degree Auditor. This allows students greater flexibility in seeking Veterans Services assistance due to expanded coverage during office hours. Having an additional certifying official better insures continued operations in the event an employee absence occurs.

Should the number of students receiving VA assistance and VA-related activities increase, more staff would need to be hired.


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Admissions and Records Evaluate graduation eligibility

For the 2014-2015 academic year, students petitioned for 1,041 degrees with an 81.1% approved (844 degrees awarded) and 18.9% of requests denied (197 degrees).


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Office of Institutional Effectiveness SLO Assessment Support

We learned that providing assessment liaisons in each area was tremendously effective and helped build capacity and assessment expertise. LODS minutes indicate, however, that this structure is not working very effectively. We have tried to augment this by getting broader input from other committees and the academic senate. Although the structure implemented this semester has advanced the assessment agenda, it is unclear whether it has also increased the value of assessment.

the college needs to develop and implement a more effective assessment support system that involves more people and provides enhanced training.

03/27/2015 view
Office of Institutional Effectiveness College wide outcomes assessment

We are doing good work in this area - and our efforts will be strengthened once we develop the new assessment reporting system. However, there is not a well defined venue for sharing the results in a meaningful way and/or for taking action as needed. We are working with the curriculum committee on this problem. In addition, we currently don't have the capacity to fully implement and keep the mapping of courses to GE outcomes current and up to date.

we may wish to consider providing additional support for the assessment and ongoing modification of the college-wide outcomes and the mapping of course outcomes to GE outcomes.

the previous changes all have college-wide implications because this is a college-wide endeavor.

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Office of Institutional Effectiveness CASSL PD offerings

A review of the evaluations and content of the CASSL PD offerings confirmed that the offerings do encourage a culture of inquiry and effectively disseminate and build on research conduc\ted at the college and elsewhere. We have some evidence that attendees do in fact utilize their learning to make changes and/or participate in follow up activities to learn more - but closing the loop on PD is very difficult.

we need to find a better way to assess the long term impact of CASSL PD activities

03/27/2015 view
Office of Institutional Effectiveness Research Office and CASSL Web Sites

we learned that the website is underutilized, as evidenced by the fact that people did not report that a page where the links were no longer working after the migration. The PD committee also recommended some structural changes to the layout of the pages which were implemented.

we need to consider putting links to the pages that have relevant information about teaching and learning (including assessment) when we send out the PD event calendars every two weeks so people understand that this type of PD is acceptable and valuable.

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Office of Institutional Effectiveness Research Office and CASSL Web Sites

WE learned that we needed to update the content on the website....also we needed to reorder with most recent on the top. we also determined that the navigation to the information is not as clear as it could be. Finally, we learned that many people make requests for information that is already available. We need to find a way to address this and to train folks about the research that is online.

we have redesigned some aspects of the website and will try to do other changes this summer.

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Admissions and Records Conduct Graduation Petition Workshops

Workshops were valuable to the students. 81 students participated in the spring 2015 sessions. Counselors also view the workshops as an optional, but very important, component of the graduation petition process.

This office will continue to offer these workshops.

03/16/2015 view
Health Services Mental Health Assessments and Referrrals

The process works well but additional support for reporting final outcomes would be beneficial.

To have one person designated to implement an electronic medical records system that enable better report generation.

Need a full-time Mental Health Provider.

09/08/2014 view
Health Services Responding to medical emergencies on campus

We learned that we need additional Health Care Providers. The implementation of a campus wide health fee would facilitate this process. We are also in need of updated emergency response equipment.

See above

We need more medical care providers and improved equipment.

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Work Experience Oversee the organization and development of program including: goals and objectives, legal compliance, procedures, curriculum development and revision, Title V documentation and students records

Program emphasis included the importance of: (1) Continuing to maintain and use a systematic tracking and collection method for all student records and Title V documents. (2) Continued collaboration and participation with sister colleges and with updating the LRCCD District WEXP policy to include Ttile V changes. (3) CRC WEXP curriculum development and revision.

Continue to meet district, program and Title V compliance/requirements. Strong program development and collaboration across the district.

01/08/2014 view
Work Experience Collaborate and develop WEXP and internship partnerships with community, State, public and private employers

Sept 2010, October 2012 and April 2013 Internship /career fairs were a highly viable, valuable and effective way to connect our students with employers and career opportunities. Students, faculty and staff had an opportunity to meet with over 224 employer participants across all majors.

It would be helpful to actually have a program budget for these events.

Hundreds of contacts and new CRC employer partnerships were made including additions to our WEXP advisory committee and strong connections between students, programs, faculty and the campus community.

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Work Experience Provide Students with WEXP & Internship assistance, opportunity, advisement & support

Demonstrated high level of activity during certain months and needs of student internship assistance and specific majors. Significant decline in July due to staffing issues.

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CalWorks Successful job placement

Due to the decrease in the CalWORKs budget allocation for the 2012-2013 program year, the CalWORKs staff identified early in the Fall 2012 semester that for CalWORKs students to be successful and maintain their County of Sacramento minimum weekly requirements and successful employment, the CRC CalWORKs office needed to make adjustments to the number of students that could utilize campus CalWORLs student employment funds.

The CalWORKs program could only fund 15 students for an average of 20 hours per week of on-campus student employment. The CalWORKs program made a determination to fund our off-campus student employees only through a grant from the Department of Human Development. Since off-campus students are typically paid at a higher rate, the grant could better fund these students and save the CalWORKs program money which could then be used to supplement the 15 students. These additional funds would ensure that the students could meet both their employer work hour needs and the County's minimum weekly requirements.

As noted previously, we may wish to change some of our outcomes from learning outcomes to service area outcomes during the next PrOF cycle.

This will affect the number of students that can work on campus through the CalWORKs funding.

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