Course Assessment Summary

Program/Department Course What did you learn from your outcomes assessment? Curricular/programmatic changes College-wide implications of your assessment project. Assessment reported
English ENGLT 303

the course works well and students not only meet but usually exceed the expectations, so the class schedule and assignments seem to work well; I also asked students for feedback on possible changes to improve the course


12/13/2017 view
Horticulture/Plant Science PLTS 310

Students are performing as expected.  No major changes have been identified.

12/05/2017 view
Horticulture/Plant Science HORT 313

This course was cancelled due to low enrollment.  This course is scheduled to be offered for the first time in Spring 2018.  This course will be reassessed in fall 2018.

12/05/2017 view
Health Care Information Technology HCIT 100

Course needs to be improved so that students can meet the course expectations. The following areas are recommendations: 

SLO #3 

Students are missing topics that should and need to be included in future semesters. Key concepts and critical thinking exercises around the following:

1) Include book that explains project management

2) add to class a section that will enhance their skillsets on Project Management to include but not limited to Planning, Executing, Closing of project plans in the systemwide initiatives.

3) Introduce LEAN concepts and a comprehensive exercises around scenarios; students need to be familiar with Workflow Processes early on in the program

4) How LEAN Concepts are applied in the healthcare environment.  

Revise the student syllabus

Add additional 1 unit to the class for these topics to be discussed

Revise currculium  

12/02/2017 view
Health Care Information Technology HCIT 140

Some of the current changes in the Affordable Care Act of 2010 have become confusing to students because of updates as the Federal government has made changes to the law. It was often necessary to supplement the textbook with corrected information.

I would recommend the following improvements for this course:

  • The division needs to explore the financing of purchase of updated EHR software for student use and understanding.
  • Exposure to job placement would reenforce learned activities in the classroom.
  • Exposing students to guest speakers during lecture would reencforce student understanding of course material and how it is applied in the workplace.


11/26/2017 view
Computer Info Science: Core, Applications & Web CISC 302

In order to maximize the course effectiveness, the CIS department should conduct a survey of faculty whose programs this course serves.

With the increasing emphasis on articulation with high schools, this course should be articulated with as many school districts as possible which offer similar courses.  This would reduce the number of students who find the material covered in this class very easy.

Students generally seem to enter the class with some foundational knowledge, while other students without prior knowledge can find the materials very challenging.  

Consider other platforms and software that could be incorporated and/or adopted such as Google Docs for presenting the course topics.

Consult with faculty whose programs rely on this course about their student's technology skill requirements. 

11/06/2017 view
Photography PHOTO 410

Students are meeting the expectations standards, but not exceeding them. This is an advanced class. We may need to revisit some of our assignments.

We need to interview candidates who have this very specialized knowledge frequently.

10/09/2017 view
Sandbox SBX 100



08/03/2017 view
English ENGWR 480

Students in the honors program are incredibly motivated; as a result, they exceeded SLO expectations on a couple fronts.

06/01/2017 view
Art/Art History ART 301

Currently, ART301 does not have any required prerequisites. As a result, this course ends up being an introductory art course for a majority of the students enrolled.

To successfully meet the Student Learning Outcomes of ART301, the students are required to learn new artistic skills, all of the skills that are taught in ART300, acquire technical skills using a complex piece of software, learn everything required to print their artwork, and due to the classroom setting, they also have to learn how to save and move their files throughout a network. When they begin the semester, a majority of the students enrolling in ART301 are only able to do very basic computer tasks, such as checking their email.  While a few of the students enrolled in ART301 are able to learn the technical skills listed above in a fairly quick time period, a majority of the students enrolled in ARTN301 take the entire semester to gain the skills required to maneuver the technical aspects of ART301, so they can successfully meet the Student Learning Outcomes. The students' struggles with the technical aspects make it very difficult for the student to achieve the other learning outcomes that are focused on the artistic aspects - the main focus of the majority of the SLOs.

It needs to be noted that  students who first take ART 300 and then enroll in ART 301 have been able to consistently meet or exceed expectations of all of the SLOs.

A note about SLO#1: Since there is already a class that is dedicated to vector based art-work (ARTNM324), requiring vector-based images in SLO#1 seems out of place in this class.

A note about SLO#2: Since there is already a class that is dedicated to digital basics (ARTNM302) - including scanning artwork, SLO#3 seems out of place in this class.


05/28/2017 view
Music MUP 320

Direct observation, aural analysis of student work, and student self-assessments allowed me to give a more holistic view of both short term and long term goals for the ensemble.

05/28/2017 view
Kinesiology and Athletics TMACT 301

The more experienced students were quite helpful to the less experienced students.  Overall, the basic theme of technical and tactical learning was accomplished.

05/26/2017 view
Kinesiology and Athletics TMACT 300

At the end of the semester the students had a good time doing the skills test that challenged them to execute the skills that were practiced throughout the semester.  The class did a nice job of picking up the basic skills and tactical understanding that was the basis of the class sessions.  The students were good together and helped each other out, especially when there was a student that was less experienced than another. 

05/26/2017 view
Kinesiology and Athletics SPORT 351

Overall, it was good to see that the student athletes were becoming more mindful of their own strenghts and weaknesses through the spring sememster.  They ended with a self evaluation to know what things they needed to work on as individuals over the summer.


As mentioned above I will continue to use the professional sports science staff of the republic as a resource to help improve the ideas used to train and manage work load for the student athletes involved in the class.

05/26/2017 view
Early Childhood Education/Family and Consumer Science ECE 420

Students met and in some cases exceeeded the student learning outcomes. 

05/25/2017 view
Early Childhood Education/Family and Consumer Science ECE 422

This course was not offered this semester. It is scheduled to be offered Spring 2018 in a new rotation schedule of classes developed by the ECE Department.

05/25/2017 view
Early Childhood Education/Family and Consumer Science ECE 402

Students are meeting Student Learning Outcomes. 

05/25/2017 view
Early Childhood Education/Family and Consumer Science ECE 356

Although students met the expectation for SLO#3: Characterize school-age children as active learners, it was concluded that more emphasis will be placed on this concept going further. Department will review current Student Learning Outcomes for any necessary changes or additions which may be needed to reflect course concepts. 

05/25/2017 view
Computer Info Science: Core, Applications & Web CISW 440

Students were able to convert tabular data into XML documents. This was assessed throughout the course via lab assignments and the final project. Although, new topics were added each week the students continued to create a basic XML document as a deliverable on the lab assignment. A few students struggle to display data into HTML format using XML stylesheet. This may be due to a lack of experience with HTML coding.

05/24/2017 view
Kinesiology and Athletics SPORT 352

I learned that the teachimng methods we currently use are meeting the objectives and our students are imporving their skill set and athleticism.


05/24/2017 view
Art/Art History ARTH 312

Overall, students understood the issues, analyzed the lifework of women artists and engaged in class discussions successfully; a bit unsettling in this particular session was the relatively high number of students, who sat in class throughout lectures reluctantly participating in discussions -only when asked by name to do so- and who did not write the paper nor appeared in the Final exam thus getting an F final grade.


05/23/2017 view
Mathematics and Statistics MATH 100

Skill levels greatly vary in Math 100.  There are students who have clearly seen the materials before and can perform well while other students struggle.  It would be a good idea to have extra materials on hand for the students who excel.

05/23/2017 view
Mathematics and Statistics MATH 370

- Students need more time with graphs.

- Vectors, sequences, and series are completely new concepts for most pre-calculus students.  Students need more time and instruction to digest the new material.

05/23/2017 view
Early Childhood Education/Family and Consumer Science ECE 330

Overall the student learning outcomes were met and in some cases exceeded what was designed for the course. 

05/21/2017 view
Human Services HSER 341

Students were well motivated to complete their weekly assignments and to complete their final project. The assessment showed that 11 out of 21 students were able to present the pharmocological and pharmicokinetics of a substance of abuse in terms that the class was able to evaluate and understand. 8 of the 21 students scored lower due to their inability to present the facts for students to clearly understand but well enough that they only missed a few points.

05/21/2017 view