Course Assessment Summary

Program/Department Course What did you learn from your outcomes assessment? Curricular/programmatic changes College-wide implications of your assessment project. Assessment reported
Health Information Technology HIT 122

What I learned from my outcomes assessment is that the curriculum as designed is providing the students with the knowledge and skills needed to be proficient in ICD-10 coding.

05/08/2017 view
Kinesiology and Athletics SPORT 312

Through assessment students thoroughly comprehended the necessities to transfer to the four-year level as a student-athlete. Students displayed the knowledge pertaining to basketball fundamentals, as well as sportsmanship that translates to intercollegiate athletics at four year institutions. Using critical thinking skills developed through practice situations provided the confidence and successful outcomes in actual game settings. Student-athletes showed their ability to execute game plans, and strategies that are pertinent to successful outcomes in game settings. Their willingness and ability to compete at their highest capability was developed through practice settings, and was displayed through in game situations as athletes showed their ability to adapt to a variety of in game situations. Each student athlete showed the ability, maturity, and willingness to be a productive member of society and representative of the institution.  

05/08/2017 view
Journalism/Film and Media Studies FMS 305

Testing reflects student ability in recalling information about the history, development, genres and American and International film movements very well. Assigning a specific paper to discuss the work of a minority director appeared to both get students thinking about minority voices in cinema as well as appreciate the contribution made by female and minority film makers to the overall language of film. The final paper assignment in my classes is designed to have students develop a research question and look for ways films and film styles are connected. This seems to be a popular option with the students which gets them to use what they've learned in class throughout the course.

The course supports both Radio, Television and Film Production majors and Film and Media Studies majors in their understanding and knowledge of the history of film and important movements over the last 100+ years.

05/08/2017 view
Kinesiology and Athletics SPORT 375

The outcome assessment provided valuable information to me about the athletes's season goals. I was able to determine through their work and through observation that most reached their goal or they are approaching their goal. 

Through the Women's Swim Team community connections are being made, confident women are emerging, and "ready for the real world" students/employees are developed. 

05/08/2017 view
Kinesiology and Athletics FITNS 444

I learned that the students exceeded expectations for SLO number 1. They met expectations for SLO number 3 but I think we can improve on this. I couldn't really determine SLO number 3 because most of the time the students only had 2 swimmers in a lane so they really didn't have to understand or implement proper strategies for groups swimming.

We would have to update our Prof and add some SLO's to the curriculum. We would have to purchase the correct equipment and software as some of this new technology is not water proof but some are. We would have to be trained on how to use it and then incorporate it into class.

05/04/2017 view
Kinesiology and Athletics FITNS 442

The students who are still enrolled in the class are meeting the SLO expectations for the class. Since I got a new and better cell phone, I used video in this class so the students could see how they looked early in the semester, mid-semester and at the end. It was a great tool to use for the students and was easier for them to actually see what they were doing wrong. I will continue to video my students in this class for their benefit.


05/04/2017 view
Diagnostic Medical Sonography SONOG 215

Sonog 215 is the first clinical experience course.  We learned to assess students in this course no later than midterm rather than end of course.

05/04/2017 view
Health Information Technology HIT 160

Students are meeting or exceeding expectation. Students have a firm grasp of concepts and have demonstrated their competence through various methods of evaluation and assignments.

05/02/2017 view
Kinesiology and Athletics SPORT 406

The students were able to learn specific technique such as squat, lunge, and other various movement which help with explosive movements.  These exercises and movements are specifically related to volleyball technique and need. They created their own workout to preform once on their own to continue achieving their fitness goals safely and efficiently.  When using the standard fitness testing all of the students were able to improve their fitness levels. 

05/02/2017 view
Horticulture/Plant Science PLTS 300

Students who attended labs and lectures received the higher class scores than those who did not. Industry field trips are important to this class becasue they enhance the student perspective.

05/02/2017 view
Agriculture/Agriculture Business/Animal Science AGB 330

Students are able to distinguish right and wrong, along with the critical thinking of a situation and make a decision based on fact not emotion.

05/02/2017 view
Construction Management Tech CMT 313

Students are not retaining knowledge from Pre-Req class to carry into the computer knowledge base of the course.  I end up re-teaching all aspects of CMT 112 - suggest combining both classes using new CMT 112 text.


04/06/2017 view
Construction Management Tech CMT 120

Although the student's engage well online - because it is written dialogue versus verbal debate, the interaction is limited.  A verbal dialogu in a face to face class would be more beneficial for students to support their understanding of the interpretation to a law since they all can be so interpretational. 

none applicable

04/06/2017 view
Architectural Design Tech ADT 317

This is a valuable and neccessary course for architects, engineers and construction - the tutorial process is very helpful in developing student understanding of the Revit tools.  One thing that is needed though is updated computer processing power to handle the more current versions of the software.

We will need updated computers with the most current processing for the software we are using.

04/04/2017 view
Building Inspection Technology BIT 150

Coursew content was doing well.

04/03/2017 view
Building Inspection Technology BIT 154

Course content was working well.

04/03/2017 view
Building Inspection Technology BIT 112

Course content was working well.

04/03/2017 view
Building Inspection Technology BIT 102

Couse content was working well.


04/03/2017 view
Building Inspection Technology BIT 154

Course content and curriculum is good the way it is.

04/03/2017 view
Building Inspection Technology BIT 121

Exisiting curriculum meeting students needs.

04/03/2017 view
Building Inspection Technology BIT 120

Existing course content seemed to be effective.

04/03/2017 view
Welding WELD 290

The WELD 290 class is a student project fabrication course, intended to prepare students to plan, estimate labor costs, material costs and design projects.  The course focuses around the plasma cam system, and with the machine operating correctly the course is now successful for plasma cutting projects.  The plasma cam was repaired during the summer of 2016, locating a computer glitch that would cause the program to stop functioning.  As of today, the students design a project and cut the item out on the plasma cam table without any major issues.

The WELD 290 class is headed in the right direction.

I need to create equipment list for the COB process.

03/23/2017 view
Welding WELD 160

The WELD 160 course is an introductory course designed to train the Ford Asset students and general students how to perform basic welding skills.  The WELD 160 in the past has focused on several basic welding processing common to the Automotive Fabrication Industry.  I have created new blueprints for the WELD 100 and WELD 160 to reduce cost of laboratory materials to increase enrollement and a high pass rate.  I have found that the new blueprints and lecture material creates less stress, confusion and frustration for the students.

The evaluation process requires more personal time to reflect upon changes to the WELD 160 course.

03/23/2017 view
Welding WELD 100

I assessed the WELD 100 Introduction to Welding course on project completion rates.  In-order for students to be able to complete assigned welding projects, they must be able to complete the following:

a. Purchase Personal Protective Equipment like safety glasses, welding gloves, protective welding jacket, boots and proper clothing

b. Purchase metal for projects like ASTM A36 mild steel flat bar 4" x 1/4" x 5' length.

c. Pass a written safety test, pass a hands on safety exam and show up to class for laboratory

I have changed the WELD 100 course by creating new blueprints for the projects so that students save monies on purchasing materials.  The new blueprints are easier to read allowing the students to complete the assignment with less confusion and frustration. 

None that I am aware of, just my personal time performing and writing the evaluation.

03/23/2017 view
History HIST 371

Students who sign up for this class often times have "gaps" in their historical understanding of basic concepts and events in the context of the United States. This is a critical shortcoming that was addressed by placing texts on reserve that cover major themes of US history: the revolutionary period, the Constitution, industrialization and capitalism, to name a few. It is critical to have these basic understandings when studying the historical developments in Latin America, which mirrored the processes in the United States, especially in the formation of the early republics. Lecturing and making connections sometimes is not enough. Students want to read further on the topics; it helps them come to a fuller understanding of the connectedness of the histories in the Americas. 

None at this time. 

03/22/2017 view