Course Assessment Summary

Program/Department Course What did you learn from your outcomes assessment? Curricular/programmatic changes College-wide implications of your assessment project. Assessment reported
Building Inspection Technology BIT 130

Additional time should be spent on vocabulary familiarization.  Many of the students do not have extensive experience in construction. 

The plans that are used in the class are somewhat out of date.  New plans that reflect current codes and practices should provided for the students.

12/07/2016 view
Building Inspection Technology BIT 101

Although my review of the IRC is comprehensive and thorough and I provide hundreds of questions that help to prepare students for the ICC Certified Residential Inspector exam, many students have chosen not to apply for the exam this semester.   The typically expressed concern is that they do not feel ready for the exam.  I have had classes with certification rates as high as 65%.  I believe that to date this semester only 2 students out of 25 have passed the exam. 

I will continue to encourage students to earn certifications so that they are able to apply for positions in the field of building inspection. 

12/07/2016 view
Social Science SOCSC 300

Students' level of application using concepts from many different social science disciplines was strong. It can improve when it comes to some of the examples in their writing in terms of more detail and specifics. 

12/07/2016 view
Kinesiology and Athletics SPORT 317

Overall I think the students learned a lot, despite actual game resuls or win/loss record. Skill-wise they definitely grow, so this is indicative of them meeting the expectations of the course.

12/07/2016 view
Kinesiology and Athletics FITNS 390

Overall, this was my favorite class. This is a passion of mine and I feel that the students exceed every expectation in the semester, even for themselves. Many students communicate that the course is life-changing for them. 

12/07/2016 view
Interdisciplinary Studies INDIS 313

The course went extremely well.  We used multiple learning modalities and students responded extremely well, particularly for being high school students. Since it is a class for high school students, coming to campus cuts into their high school time. This means I had to use our class time to come to the campus.  Any other time they are in class. Overall, the students are leaving the course with a stronger understanding of course materials and their responsibility for their own learning.

12/07/2016 view
Mathematics MATH 30

The students have the ability to perform basic calculations involving real numbers. The students were a little bit weak in translating words and phrases to mathematical expressions. The students were exceptional their ability to complete dimensional analysis. Overall, students showed the ability to recognize patterns and think abstractly about mathematical concepts.

12/07/2016 view
Mathematics MATH 120

Overall, the course was average.  Students were a bit weak in radical equations and ratioinal equations. They are also a little bit weak in understanding the concepts of functions. They met my standards of basic computational skills involviing linear and quadratic equations and general concepts involving exponential and logarithmic functions. 

12/07/2016 view
Mathematics STAT 300

Out of three sections of this course, there is a range of performance, most notably in the fall semester with a large number of incoming freshmen who struggle college-level rigor and self-evaluation of understanding. The Probability is the most difficult in general and helping the students with the overall concept map to compare and contrast is extremely helpful at the end of the unit. These current students embrace technology eagerly, regardless of the specific technology package.

12/05/2016 view
Mathematics MATH 144

Overall, the fall semester 8-week condensed MATH 144 has high success after the initial week of acclimation to the double pace of the course.  Four two-week modules works well because it's enough time to engage the students in the topic and evaluate them, but recognizes that the course is really exposure to new concepts rather than deep mastery.

12/05/2016 view
Biology BIOL 352

Most students started with little science and math background, so many basic biological and ecological concepts were challenging to understand and took a significant amount of time. Most students were able to meet expectations, some exceeded expectations, while a few were below expectations. All students with consistent attendance and participation met or exceeded expectations.


12/05/2016 view
Kinesiology and Athletics SPORT 366

Overall, the class does its job as far as getting the team into shape, in the workout room, with cardio training and with the general skills of softball. Team was enthusiastic and excited and prepared to come back ready for spring.  

12/05/2016 view
Kinesiology and Athletics FITNS 306

The majority of the class is prepared to do the work of the class and most of the students attend regularly. Students give positive feedback about the class and have plans to continue working on the principles of the class.  The majority of the students are eager to learn, try to work out on their own away from class, and give excellent and effort and attitude during the class.

12/05/2016 view
Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Real Estate MKT 310

Overall, students definitely reinforce the elements of selling. We do this in a variety of ways including visual aids, videos, literature, etc. Some of it may seem repetitive, but they need this in order to take in the elements of this skill.  Their critical thinking and analysis of problems is ok, but I build this into every single assignment so they have to really think about the elements of each of the aspects part of selling. Basically, students get a good grasp of all of the elements of seliing and sales, although I don't have the expectation that they will develop a full skill set in each area.

12/05/2016 view
Foreign Languages VIET 411

Overall, the students respond well to the course materials. It has been a cumulative experience, since they were able to use materials begun in 401 and 402.  Students definitely more than adequate job in accomplishing the tasks required in the course and in meeting the assessments.

12/05/2016 view
Health Care Information Technology HCIT 164

Students have great online materials. I would suggest to add a textbook to enhance the student learning. .

12/04/2016 view
Health Care Information Technology HCIT 140

Students demonstrated good learning through current online materials; along with tests, exams, and discussions they posted.

12/04/2016 view
Health Care Information Technology HCIT 102

Students learned from their online materials and suggest a complaintary textbook to enhance their understanding of the Healthcare setting.  

12/04/2016 view
Health Information Technology HIT 172

our students show high level of professionalism, knowledge, and adaptability to new learning environments.

12/02/2016 view
Health Information Technology HIT 170

Very encouraged by the comments and evaluation provided by our practicum site supervisors. Very proud of our students' professionalism, knowledge, and ability to adapt to new learning environments.

12/02/2016 view
Health Information Technology HIT 150

review and analysis of course assignments such as discussion postings, weekly quizzes, course assignments, and exams (midterm & final) shows that majority of students (85%) met requirements with grade of B or better.

12/02/2016 view
Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Real Estate BUS 105

The class went very well.  The students exceeded my expectations in most of the categories I measure.  I attribute the class exceeding my expectations to the implementation of LearnSmart from McGraw-Hill (the textbook publisher I use).  The tool tests students' comprehension of the course content in each of the textbook chapters.  The tool uses adaptive software and focuses the content on topics where students most struggle based on how they answer the questions that are presented. 

12/02/2016 view
History HIST 365

This is the first time I am teaching this class, so it isn't idea yet. The historical causation is the number one focus for me.  My goal is for students to be able to see this and I present a variety of materials and modes so that they can do this successfully.  Overall, the students are grasping the material and succeeding in the class.

12/02/2016 view
History HIST 314

I did a bit of experimenting this semester. I used some video clips of documentaries and students did more analytical work than they'd done previously. Overall, I think students achieved success.  For me what it is important is historical causation and most of the students understood this concept.  Most students have grasped the connection between events and the variety of areas involved--geography, politics,etc.  We have focused on the "why" as much as anything else and students have grasped this. Doing this experimenting did limit the lecture time, so I will now readjust.

12/02/2016 view
Photography PHOTO 420

Overall we need to explore more ways to get student engagement in the material. They are definitely gleaning the information, but they are not thinking about it deeply. This is a team-taught course and our lectures tend to be re-hashes of what they have read in the textbook.  This is one of the only ways to get them to consider the material in order to think critically about the material we cover. Quizzes at the beginning of class have now been moved to the end of class, but by then the information is more synthesized. We get a wide variety of students so making sure that the majority of them get the major concepts is continuing challenge.

12/01/2016 view