Course Assessment Summary

Program/Department Course What did you learn from your outcomes assessment? Curricular/programmatic changes College-wide implications of your assessment project. Assessment reported
Theatre Arts TA 424

Overall the class gives a broad perspective and introduction into theater as it pertains to stagecraft, props, scenic painting, set construction, etc. By the end of this class, students have a basic understanding of these elements and are able to move forward to the next phase of courses and/or jobs. This is essentially an introduction to these elements, so mastery is limited in that way, but they can continue to more complex courses.

12/01/2016 view
Photography PHOTO 312

We have seen a decline in enrollment in this course, because the state is no longer allowing financial aid for a course that is not part of the major. This is mostly a class of majors and that is good and bad. When our students have sruggles, we start to see it in this class.  Students are defnitely meeting or exceeding SLOs. The new studio has definitely helped us and our students.  

12/01/2016 view
Photography PHOTO 301

This course is more popular than ever before. The pendulum has swung back to darkroom photography again. Most four-year programs require a black and white portfolio, so these skills is essential. We feel our students get a strong photographic education in this course. 

12/01/2016 view
Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Real Estate BUS 340

In this course, I utilize hypothetical examples and this definitely helps the students to understand the material of the course.  This also gives them the opportunity to apply academic principles to real situations.  Students like this and it makes it easier for them to grasp the basic course materials.  They respond to these orally and in papers. We even do larger ones, including whole class projects, which also helps.

12/01/2016 view
Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Real Estate BUS 320

Overall, I'm happy with the ways the students understand the core concepts of Personal Finance. This can be a difficult course and I'm pleasantly surprised with the students' level of perception and learning.  Their homework and assignments demonstrate that they have a clear understanding of the concepts.

12/01/2016 view
Building Inspection Technology BIT 104

The Student Learning Objectives were accomplished through cooperative groups and individual problem-solving analysis and feedback. Group activities were also incorporated by inspecting the fire and life safety components of the Winn Center and providing feedback. Project drawings were reviewed in groups for fire and life safety issues and feedback provided. Individual student success was verified through feedback, successful completion of assigned homework, frequent quizzes, and midterm exam.

12/01/2016 view
Philosophy PHIL 320

Although this is a somewhat complex course for entry-level students, overall we do a good job creating an environment for them to understand basic philosophical concepts. We also provide them with many opportunities to use a variety of sources as they engage in the course information and to develop and use ethical reasoning skills.

12/01/2016 view
Photography PHOTO 277

There is so much that can be covered in a course like this that we are continually working on different ways to focus and streamline material. Otherwise, students leave the class with a good grasp of website building. They also leave the course with a start to a website, which makes them employable.


11/30/2016 view
English as a Second Language ESLR 20

Given the diverse student population in this course, some students struggle with the overall concept, while others master the outcomes easily.  With the emphasis on reading in this course, most students leave the class with competencies that will help them succeed at the next level.

11/30/2016 view
Foreign Languages SPAN 411

A lot of the students make mistakes in their verb conjugations and need review of this. A few have trouble with sentence structure. Overall, they are writing to prompts. They get the basic concepts of the course, but need more review of basics.

11/30/2016 view
Foreign Languages SPAN 415

Students need to learn more to Spanish audio, with whatever grammatical structure we are using. Although they meet the expectations of the course, they need more experience listening to Spanish, including an emphasis on various tenses. 

11/30/2016 view
History HIST 312

Students seem to demonstrate the strongest understanding during our small group discussions as opposed to in-class essays, where they struggled the most to convey their grasp of the material. The straight lecture style is fading from the current educational system as a way of connecting with students. I try to do more small group discussions and guided discussions. I'm trying to do more frequent, smaller-stakes assessments than just midterms and finals. This makes it less daunting for students who get overwhelmed by the larger concepts.

11/30/2016 view
English as a Second Language ESLL 20

Currently students are meeting most course expectations, but class experience shows they need more experience working outside their first language and culture.

11/30/2016 view
Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Real Estate BUS 330

Throughout the class we first identify the aspects of diversity. We begin the class with students' basic understanding of diversity and then move to legislation in order to understand how this is used. We then move to examining how these concepts are used on a managerial level. There are layers of legislation, managerial skill sets and aspects of diversity, I would like to move the class to an intersectionality of these areas.  This is my goal in the course, and we are moving toward this. I teach this class every semester, so it is difficult to step away enough to find the kind of text I think would work best in this course, but this is one of my goals.

11/30/2016 view
Kinesiology and Athletics SPORT 377

It was clear that students met SLO #1, #2 & #4 from direct observation. Due to the nature of the course, I was given consistent visual feedback on the student's understanding of the content, expectations of etiquette and progress they have made. I was also able to determine the student's understanding of swimming for fitness through student work that was reviewed. In addition, SLO #3 was evaluated based on student work. The students outlined specific short term personal goals that were continually revisited through the semester. Each short term goal was analyzed periodically for progress, revision and attainability. 


Professional Development would be extremely supportive in improving teaching strategies. The sport of swimming is continually changing and progressing. Anyone who is teaching the skill should be aware of the new developments in their field of expertise 

11/30/2016 view
English as a Second Language ESLW 340

This is a very high-level course and the students have often not grasped the academic language to meet standards of diction and written English.  They still need more exposure to academic writing and standard written English in order to feel more confident and contribute fully to a college-level English class.

11/30/2016 view
Kinesiology and Athletics DANCE 351

Students in this class have learned Hip Hop dance skills and movements and have developed an understanding of Hip Hop history and culture.

11/29/2016 view
Kinesiology and Athletics DANCE 310

Students are engaging actively in this class, grasping the skills and movements in jazz dancing. They are working together cooperatively and they are developing an understanding and appreciation of jazz dance.

11/29/2016 view
Kinesiology and Athletics FITNS 441

The students who are still enrolled in the class are definiately exceeding the SLO expectations for this class.

However, half of the class dropped the day of or the day before the drop deadline because they were not meeting the expectations. This is not their fault. They should have been enrolled in FITNS 440 which is the class below this one but we have never offered it. This same thing has happened in the past. We need to offer FITNS 440 concurrently with FITNS 441 so that students who have a harder time learning to swim or being comfortable in the water have a chance to continue their quest of learning to swim. I could tell by the second week of the semester that all of the students who recently dropped needed to be in FITNS 440. Some semesters, the class will have no one enrolled in it but some semesters students will be enrolled in it. I feel really bad when the students have to drop the class at the end of the semester because we aren't offering the appropriate class for them.

Learning to swim or even being comfortable in the water is a very individual matter. Some students master these skills quickly while other struggle with it, especially if they have had a previous negative experience in the water. As stated above, we need to offer FITNS 440 with this class.

Put in our planning document to offer FITNS 440 concurrently with this class

11/28/2016 view
History HIST 307

I feel more confident with this course than HIST 301 in terms of acheiving the learning outcomes. Students are more serious and willing to do the work and therefore do a better job of understanding the course and achieving learning outcomes.

11/28/2016 view
History HIST 301

Although this is a difficult and thorough course, students who do the work--including reading, studying for tests, taking notes, etc., do very well.  


11/28/2016 view
Human/Career Development HCD 110

Students in this class learn a lot about the resources we have available on campus.  This way, when they need something during the semester, they know where to go.  We also have a number of speakers come from different areas on campus and this gives students a face.  If they have a connection with someone on campus, they will more likely succeed.

11/28/2016 view
Computer Info Science: Networking & Security CISS 320

Some of the SLOs should be presented in a different format that will increase student learning 

11/27/2016 view
Communication Studies COMM 480

Student Self Assessment Results are as follows:

Student Assessment Instructions:

Please rate the following assignments/interaction on a scale of 1-5 where

1= Not helpful

2= A little helpful

3= Moderately helpful

4= Very helpful

5= Exceptionally helpful

Express ideas clearly in well-organized written messages

1.         (29) The degree to which completing the annotated bibliography assignment helped me prepare to write my first research paper draft.

2.         (29) The degree to which completing the outline helped me prepare to write my first research paper draft.

3.         (29) The degree to which the feedback I received on my outline from my professor helped me to prepare to write my first research paper draft.

Utilize modes of critical thinking in a discipline of study as applied to significant issues and/or problems

4.         (22) The degree to which reading assigned theory chapters helped me select a theory to use for my own research.

5.         (27) The degree to which reading past honors student papers helped me understand the role of theory in academic research.

6.         (18) The degree to which watching and discussing the bell hooks video on critical theory helped me understand the role of theory in academic research.

Actively engage critical inquiry beyond that required in order to pass a course of study

7.         (33) The degree to which the “seminar style format” (students are expected to contribute content, participate in class discussions, share newsflash observations, and share personal insights, etc.) is helpful to my learning of content in this class.

8.         (27) The degree to which writing assignments in this class have supported my learning about academic research.

9.         (29) The degree to which reading assignments in this class have...

Our district library video collection related to cultural and critical theory is limited. A department and/or library purchase of a new cultural and/or critical theory video is needed.


11/26/2016 view
Kinesiology and Athletics ADAPT 300

I am pleased to learn that the students are meeting the expectations of the SLO's for this course.

I need to add these changes to our prof and add some SLO's to the curriculum. We would need to train on how to use them correctly in a group setting, implement the change and of course assess the results of the change.

11/23/2016 view