Instructional Support Program Assessment Summary

Program/Department PSLO/PSAO Activity assessed What did you learn from your outcomes assessment? Briefly describe the changes you will make based on your assessment. College-wide implications of your assessment project Assessment Reported
Media Services Media Services--Department Reorganization

We have worked hard to organize our staff and office so that we can provide the best services possible.

11/10/2016 view
Media Services Media Services--Equipment Use Audiovisual and multimedia equipment check-out and repair

It is a priority of our area to have equipment available for use across campus.

This is an ever-growing area that requires constant attention and adaptation to meet changing needs.

11/10/2016 view
Media Services Media Services--Classroom Technology Audiovisual and multimedia equipment check-out and repair

We do our best to meet the needs of faculty using classroom technology, particularly in the areas of upgrades and repairs.

We can always do a better job in this area by being more responsive and by including more staff to help around campus.

11/10/2016 view
Facilities Receiving

Our interactions with CRC faculty and staff indicate high satisfaction with our Receiving department. In the last year we have not received any complaints about services and items do not stay in the warehouse longer than 1 to 2 days (unless instructed by the customer otherwise). On a daily basis, the Custodial/Receiving Supervisor receives a daily report of open purchase orders.

Continue to monitor customer satisfaction. Address issues as they arise.

11/07/2016 view
Facilities Campus Maintenance, Custodial Services, District maintenance

An assessment was done in Fall 2015 with a survey instrument developed with assistance from the Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness offices. Among other program outcomes, P-SAO 7, Efficiency was assessed across two different service areas: Custodial Services and Facilities/Maintenance. Only 75.5 percent of respondents agreed that “the procedures for utilizing custodial services are easy to use”. Also, 56.1 percent of respondents agreed that “the procedures for utilizing Facilities/Maintenance services are easy to use.” This was the lowest satisfaction of all the outcomes we measured. Statements in the weakness question also demonstrate some confusion or lack of understanding about the procedures to utilize custodial services and facilities/maintenance services. The Facilities/Maintenance services are provided in a reasonable amount of time to meet my needs. Strongly agree/agree: 56.1% Neutral: 23.7% Strongly Disagree/Disagree: 20.2%

Publish instructions to staff on who to contact for custodial, facility and maintenance issues and how to request special services from the each department. The format for requesting services is standardized. Work with the VP of Administrative Services to include facilities request in the next round of training for administrative processes.

11/07/2016 view
Facilities Campus Maintenance, Custodial Services, District maintenance

An assessment was done in Fall 2015 with a survey instrument developed with assistance from the Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness offices. An aspect of work order completion which is a component of P-SAO was assessed with this survey. Sixty-three percent of respondents indicated that they agree that "facilities/maintenance" services are provided in a reasonable amount of time to meet my needs. This indicates a positive result for the majority of respondents. However, the was the second lowest percentage of a positive response. <br> <br> The Facilities/Maintenance services are provided in a reasonable amount of time to meet my needs. Strongly agree/agree: 63.7% Neutral: 16.8% Strongly Disagree/Disagree: 19.5%

Both the college and the district have responsibilities that directly impact this PSAO. In terms of the college the college maintenance team will meet to identify ways to speed up work order completion time.

​Director, Administrative Services and Director of Maintenance at the District Office will meet to discuss plans to increase completion time.  

11/07/2016 view
DSPS DSPS--Policy Development Participation in Committees (Campus/District/Statewide)

DSPS participates in groups, committees, and organizations related to policy development.  Through this, DSPS is able to provide feedback and learn about policies. It is difficult to have an impact on policy change, but the input is important.

Further involvement and participation will help us to modify our processes when necessary.

11/07/2016 view
DSPS DSPS--Campus and Community Outreach Coordinate with Outside Agencies, Disability Awareness Activities, Professional Development to Campus community

We work closely with high school counselors and provide outreach events on campus for students and parents. We have begun offering programs for parents separate from students to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. We are doing well in this area.

We will continue our collaboration with the community and expand our services.

11/07/2016 view
DSPS DSPS--Disability Counseling Disability and Educational Guidance, New student intake

DSPS does a good job in its intake process, including meeting with students who need our services. Our new space has helped tremendously, as has adding a full-time counselor to our program.

We will continue to modify our processes regarding the intake of students.

11/07/2016 view
DSPS DSPS--Educational Accommodations &amp; Services Alternate Media Production, Provide specific program services (notetaking, proctoring, contracted services,etc), Technology training

This is an ongoing part of our program that requires continual examination and assessment. We do a good job keeping up with the ever-changing and expanding needs of students requiring accommodations and services.

We will continue to modify our processes as our demographic changes and as current students require additional services.

11/07/2016 view
DSPS DSPS--Learning Disability (LD) Assessment LD assessment, Pre-Screening & Orientation

DSPS is doing a good job in this area. We have expanded to the Elk Grove Center. We are also working on expanding our program in the summer.  We are also working on making sure students shop up for the assessment appointments and complete full assessments.

We will continue to modify our processes to meet student and program needs.

11/07/2016 view
Facilities Groundskeeping

Grounds are maintained at a high level and look manicured and clean. The result is a beautiful landscape for students, employees and the community to enjoy. On any given day you can see students sitting on the benches near the fountain or benches throughout the college. We also maintain 1 softball, 1 baseball and 2 soccer premium Bermuda fields. We also maintain three practice fields used extensively by the community. Our athletic fields are valued by our community and our athletes. In 2016 we implemented a summer maintenance program for our two heavily used premium soccer fields to maintain the field’s aesthetics and playability. Fields are aerated, fertilized and seeded. Based on the recommendation of the Head groundskeeper we closed the fields for four weeks.

Continue to evaluate use and playability. As we increase use by the community we must look at ways to maintain playability. We will evaluate the playability of the north fields during the winter of 2016 and recommend a maintenance plan for the spring/summer.

11/04/2016 view
Facilities Facilities--Grounds maintenance Campus Maintenance, Custodial Services, District maintenance, Facilities design/construct

In 2014 the District Office released an Employee Perceptions survey that included questions about occupational safety. Here are the results of the


I am safe from accidents at work

Respondents: 289

Strongly Agree or Agree: 88.6 %

Neutral: 5.5 %

Disagree or Strongly Disagree: 5.6 %

Average Rating: 4.20


I am safe from health hazards at work

Respondents: 287

Strongly Agree or Agree: 82.5 %

Neutral: 8.4 %

Disagree or Strongly Disagree: 8.7 %

Average Rates: 4.08


Overall, responses indicate that employees feel the facilities are safe.


In terms of accessibility the college is progression through the ADA transition plan developed in 2009. Several projects identified in the ADA transition plan have been completed. Also, Disabled Services and Programs for Students was recently moved to permanent location that is along the campus quad. This allows students to access DSPS services in a central and accessible location.


Although we are progressing through our ADA Transition Plan, we need to improve communication about progress and tasks completed between FM, College Operations and the campus community.

11/04/2016 view
Facilities Facilities--Building maintenance Facilities design/construct

Facility designs for large projects are developed with a team of stakeholder groups, college operations management and staff, facility management planners and external architect and consultant experts. During the past two years we have completed three large projects. These projects include the Art Gallery, DSPS Remodel, and the Winn Center. All projects were deemed successful by the stakeholders. Currently we are designing the expansion of the College Center. This 30,000 square foot addition will house several student service departments. The design process has been collaborative and every department has representation on the design team. During this process we are engaging our local IT department and the furniture consultants early in the design process. Several smaller remodels have been completed in the past two years. Minor remodel project usually consist of budgets smaller than $50,000 and are under 2,000 square feet and do not include major infrastructure upgrades. The space is modified (walls, plumbing, electrical, IT and furniture) to meet the department’s needs. The projects completed in during the past two years are the Student Access Center L125, Student Life and Leadership Center T108, Media Staff Area CDC106, Distance Education BS163/4, and the ECE Pathway Center. Programs are able to request resources for equipment, IT and facilities through the Capital Outlay Budget, IT and Media Budget and Facility Prioritization processes respectively.

We will continue to work collaboratively with stakeholder groups for facility modification process. Also, it is important to engage college support departments (IT, media, maintenance, custodial) early in the design process.

11/03/2016 view
Business Services Classified personnel-payroll/hiring, Purchasing

This is a very paper-intensive office, but we pay attention to sustainability whenever we can. Because we are so connectted to district processes, we can only do so much to be mindful of sustainability. Any time we can complete forms and other paperwork online, we do.

We continue to examine ways we can use less paper, with an emphasis on more forms being completed online.

11/02/2016 view
Business Services Business Services--Procedures (efficiency) Accounting, Budgeting, Cashiering, Classified personnel-payroll/hiring, Purchasing

Again, our processes are efficient, but keeping up with constant changes require that we always examine and adapt our processes to more efficiently do our jobs.

We can always improve what we do, so this is priority.  Paying close attention to our processes will ensure that we can regularly be more effiicient in what we do.

11/02/2016 view
Business Services Accounting, Budgeting, Cashiering, Classified personnel-payroll/hiring, Purchasing

Professionalism and customer service are very important to us in all that we do.  That said, we are always aware that we need to remember the importance of customer service at all times. 

There is always room for improvement in customer service, so we emphasize this in training with new and continuing employees.

11/02/2016 view
Business Services Accounting, Budgeting, Cashiering, Classified personnel-payroll/hiring, Purchasing

For the most part, we do a good job in this area.  The challenges come in helping departments and programs on campus to prepare the materials necessary for us to complete our end of things in a timely fashion. We are working on communicating what needs to occur, but we could still improve in this area.

This is an ongoing process because of employee turnover, new programs, and other unplanned developments. Our goal is to communicate needs as clearly as possible so that we can all work together more efficiently.

11/02/2016 view
Business Services Accounting, Budgeting, Cashiering, Classified personnel-payroll/hiring, Purchasing

We continue to provide a wide range of services in all areas.

11/02/2016 view
Business Services Business Services--Service quality (effectiveness) Accounting, Budgeting, Cashiering, Classified personnel-payroll/hiring, Purchasing

We do a good job in terms of quality of services, but we can always improve what we do through training, dissemimation of information, and communication with thowe we serve.

As we expand what we do, we need to continue looking at ways to provide better training and evaluate responsibilities of various staff members.

11/02/2016 view
Distance Education and Web Development Distance Education and Web Development--College Website Training and support for the content management system

Availability: The college website has an uptime of 99%.

Usability: Usability is good, and will be improved further in the upcoming cycle. Page loads will be decreased further.

Accessibility: The website aims for WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. Currently there are 16 errors on the website that are mostly originating from an old flash video server.

Currency: The website content is generated by department editors and is usually up-to-date. The home page is kept updated on a daily basis.

Accessibility: Full WCAG 2.0 AA compliance will be achieved in the upcoming cycle. The old Flash Video server will be shut down.

Currency: Pages will be tagged with a semesterly or annual tag that will help track currency as well as create a queryable list of pages that need to be updated.

10/28/2016 view
CalWorks CalWorks--Employment Student survey

Students seem happy with their interactions with us, as well as with the services we provide.

10/27/2016 view
CalWorks CalWorks--Tutoring Services Completion of CalWORKs approved Educational plan, Students will meet their Welfare to Work hour requirement.

We have done a good job requiring students to be accountable.

10/27/2016 view
CalWorks CalWorks--Case Management Successful job placement

We have done a successful job in this area.

10/27/2016 view
Assessment Assessment--Retesting Policy Participate in EAP pilot project with CSUS and local high schools, Referral of students to Assessment Counselor/Coordinator, Students have a good understanding which class they are placed in and why., Updated print and web-based information

We have carefully examined and adapted our re-testing policy.

10/27/2016 view