2016-17 Assessment Schedule

The following links provide access to assessment work for courses, program outcomes and activities that needs to occur this year.

Each report contains 4 tables:

  • Table 1 identifies assessments that have been scheduled for 2016-17 and NEED to be assessed this year because they have not been assessed in this cycle.
  • Table 2 identifies the assessments that need to scheduled AND assessed in 2016-17 because they have not been assessed or scheduled in the revised cycle.
  • Table 3 identifies the assessments scheduled for 2016-17 that can be assessed as scheduled OR postponed until the next cycle because they have been assessed during the current cycle.
  • Table 4 identifies the assessments that have been completed but need to be scheduled for assessment in the next cycle to demonstrate our understanding of and commitment to an ongoing cycle of assessment.
Assessment Counts for this cycle: Program Assessment Count Course Assessment Count Activity Assessment Count