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PrOF is being updated and improved during Summer 2016.  This means that the report view is not a report of your 2015 PrOF.  You can view your 2015 PrOF by selecting Archives then 2015.  PrOF 2017 (the PrOF that needs to be completed in fall 2017) will be available for editing in Fall 2016.


Welcome to the College Integrated Planning System (CIPS). The goal of this system is to integrate the various college planning processes and forms into one online system that leverages the inter-connected nature of the planning process.

Program Review and Forecast (PrOF) and Assessment Reporting must be completed online. Unit Plans (reports that identify the resource requests from the PrOFs in each of the College's organizational unit) are available on this site.  Discussions are underway about developing the College's resource allocation forms within CIPS and a prototype Facilities Form is under development.  

Note: You MUST log in to access the applications on this site by entering your LRCCD log-in credentials on the left side of the screen!

PrOF Directions

To access your PrOF, log-in, then click on the Program Review and Forecast (PrOF) Tab, which is located across the top of the page. 

The Program Review and Forecast (PrOF) List page contains an alphabetical list of all academic and service area programs.  The right column contains links labeled "View/Edit PrOF" that provide access to individual program PrOFs.  The ability to "edit" individual PrOFs is limited to a designated "editor" for each program.  If you are the PrOF lead for your program and are unable to "edit" your PrOF answers, please email Kathy McLain, Paul Meinz, or Sabrina Sencil.

NEW!!!!  Use this link to access the PrOF Completion Checklist.

Assessment Directions

Assessment Planning/Scheduling 

Information to inform your program's assessment tasks for 2015-16 can be found under the 2015-16 Assessment Schedule Tab above.  This work includes scheduling or rescheduling assessment dates, reporting on assessments that were completed in fall 2015, and planning for assessments that are scheduled for Spring 2016.  Note: All assessment dates should be Spring 2016 or later.  Assessment dates are scheduled as part of PrOF so need to be modified in PrOF by PrOF editors. 

Planned Assessment Dates prior to Spring 2016

  • If an assessment date is past due, go to PrOF Section 1C for Program Assessments and PrOF Section 1D for Course/Activity Assessments and use the edit link to set a new assessment date within the current assessment cycle (by Spring 2018).
  • If an assessment has been completed, the planned assessment date should be set within six years of the date the report was submitted.  If this date has not been reset, go to PrOF Section 1C/1D and use the edit link to set a new assessment date.
  • If a course does not appear in your assessment plan, then it has not been linked to your program outcomes.  Go to PrOF Section 1B (SLO/SLA Alignment) – Add New Item, select your course and the related PSLOs.  The course will then appear in Section 1D and you can use the edit link to set an assessment date within the current assessment cycle (by Spring 2018).

Planned Assessment Dates in Spring 2016

  • Work with your colleagues to finalize a plan for the scheduled assesssment (who, what, how, where and when).  

Assessment Reporting

To view previous assessment report summary or to submit a new assessment report log in, then click on the Assessment Reporting Tab, which is located across the top of the page then select the type of program, the type of outcome and whether you want to submit or view a previous report summary.  Note - you can only view the full assessment report if you were the author of the original report.  

If you are submitting a program outcome assessment, then select your program from the list and complete and submit the form.  When you submit your form you will receive an email confirmation of your submission and will see highlights of your report immediately if you select View Report Summaries.  If you are submitting a course or activity outcome, select your program, select the course or activity and complete and submit the form. 

If you wish to view previous reports, select the View Report Summaries link and either scroll down through the list or use the search function.  

Should you need any assistance with planning or reporting your outcomes assessment, please feel free to contact your Learning Outcomes Assessment Coordinator, Rhonda Farley, at or Kathy McLain, the Dean of Planning and Research at

Unit Plan Directions

To access current or prior unit plans (which are reports extracted from PrOFs organized by area) log in, then select the Unit Plans tab and select the appropriate link.